Program Acceptance

The process begins when you complete the St. Pius X High School Application for Admission. If your application shows that your student needs certain learning accommodations, his or her application is forwarded to the Director of the Learning Center for review.


Parents may apply for admission directly to the Learning for Success Program by completing and returning the Learning for Success Program Application with their student’s most current psychoeducational examination that is no older than three years. The Director of the Learning Center will then approve or deny an accommodation for extended time on the High School Entrance Exam. Your  student takes the High School Entrance Exam.


After the Learning Center receives your student’s test scores, the Director interviews prospective students and their parents/guardians for acceptance into the program, then meets with the Admissions Director and Admissions Committee to review each student’s eligibility for acceptance into St. Pius X High School. Acceptance into the Learning for Success Program is based on High School Entrance Exam scores, the student’s current formal psycho-educational evaluation, personal interviews and recommendations. All letters of acceptance and nonacceptance are mailed on the same date.


Parents or guardians of accepted students attend an information session to learn about approved accommodations and classes. For all 9th and 10th graders admitted to the Learning for Success Program, specially trained advisors will complete students’ registration (on the regular night of registration). Registration will include the Study for Success Program for all 9th graders participating in the program, held the summer prior to the regular school year.